The Fall of Math is an album by a band called 65daysofstatic that was released on September 20, 2004 via Monotreme Records. As the title and band name already foreshadow, it is an album characterized by its relating of the idea of a world after the fall of science, communication, establishment, and all infrastructure. More than that, it creates in every sound movement the picture of a fallen world, a world all darkness and cities that are nothing but contorted heaps of rubble and metal, describable only by their hopeless emotional toxicity.

The CD opens with radio without a station followed by two distorted piano chords that you would hear accompanying a black and white film segment showing the aftermath of war. Then the static, stuttering crash of machines enters, slowly at first, to serve as a beat. They speed up, and a man speaks over the instruments:

“The explosion that destroyed our city, razed our homes, and transformed our fields into wasteland was nothing compared to what’s now happening to those who survived.”

A pause for the digitized words “Ssssssiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxtttttyyyyyyyy fffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeee”

Then chaos.

Most people stop there, seeing it as the “post rock” that it is described as.

I do not.

The instrumental epic that composes this album symbolizes, for me, the ultimate struggle. The only one worth fighting in. The struggle that we face today, in this world made of unfeeling circuitry, the end of privacy, the death of the individual so that he or she may be replaced by a number, pain and distance.

The struggle for love.

Even if all of this falls apart, and we die in the process.

And by the time you’re done listening to it, you will believe in us again.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Another Code Against the Gone – 1:40
2. Install a Break in the Heart that Clucks Time in Arabic – 4:55
3. Retreat! Retreat! – 4:09
4. Default This – 1:43
5. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood – 3:59
6. The Fall of Math – 3:59
7. This Cat is a Landmine – 4:45
8. The Last Home Recording – 2:13
9. Hole – 4:33
10. Fix The Sky A Little – 5:29
11. Aren’t We All Running? – 4:51