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A question: "What is awareness?"
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I have asked too many questions, but I am still finding the right questions.  Though my path wanders, I am drawn to places where I find happiness.  I just don't want to get board; to be fat, happy, and dumb. 

I have momentum behind my life right now and I am reluctant to change my course, but I see that there is more to life than the ritual of the 8 to 5.  

Pleasure is:

  • Quality conversation with friends
  • Staying up late, alone, thinking and writing
  • Experience of love
  • Figuring things out

A Sapshot of my Evolving Beliefs:

  • The answer to the question of fate is mu.  I and the world I live in are one and we needen't act independently fron each other to live and breath by our own volition.  The predetermined is my own desire and my action arises from it.