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I've been here for almost five years...I remain a droplet of rancid lime juice floating on top of the otherwise perfect tequila sunrise of this community. My writing style mostly renders a hash of unreadable characters. For this reason I make no effort to node anything, I am not a noder, I am not even a lurker; I have the audacity to compare myself to the likes of Lao Tzu - totally aloof, not exactly disinterested but set aside from the game. I leave noding to the big brains, I am a stealthy nobody wearing a black mink. I would node poetry but this is considered, by some E2 purists, to be even more hardcore than sleeping on Mt. Everest without a sleeping bag. When I gain enlightenment (for the sake of all beings) there will be a whole lot of weird poetry showing up here, and soon after my account will be nuked.

Presently I'm in India tramping around on ancient territory. Soon I will be freezing my ass off in the Himalaya, drinking rancid yakbutter tea in remote hill stations and trimming the dead skin off my toes with a rusted spyderco. May it be so.