So this guy is out golfing one day. And he is having an incredible day. He does the first nine holes, sub par so far.

Then on the 10th hole -- DIFT -- into the sand trap. He goes to hit out of the trap and just as he gets ready to swing --- Poof! up pops this genie with a goofy golf hat instead of a turban. "Behold the power of the Sandtrap Genie!" he says, "You notice how well you are doing today?" "Well yes, of course," says the man. "Well that's no coincidence. I was giving you a sample of my power," says the genie.

"Now that you have seen what I can do, I am here to offer you one of two wishes: You can have either a wonderful golf game or a incredible sex life. You've seen what I can do. I'll give you a few minutes to decide. "

"Oh thats easy," says the man, "I'll take the golf game."

The genie says "So be it," and disappears in a puff of smoke.

The man hits out of the sand trap and picks up right where he left off, the ball lands within a foot of the pin! Anyway the man continues on his way racking up his best score ever.

But then on the 18th hole disaster strikes again -- the sandtrap!

The man goes to the trap and again the Genie pops up and says....

"I have have been the Sandtrap Genie ever since the game was invented and I have posed my choice to hundreds of guys over the years But you are first one to ever take the golf game! So I gotta ask, why not the sex? Is your sex life that great? How often? Three or four times a day? Supermodels? What can you have going on that I can't improve?"

"Well, if you must know, I usually get it one or twice a week."

"You call that a good sex life?!?!" says the genie.

"Oh, I don't know," says the man, "for a young priest in a small parish I think I do pretty good."

PS. I suppose I could include the word 'joke' in this node.... just in case.

PPS. This is the only joke of any length I have ever memorized.