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Welcome to my home node. I write all sorts of interesting facts about myself such as my interests and hobbies. Any write-ups I write or nodes I create will be linked back here, and if you don't like any of them, then piss off. I sure hope I get. a few strange, muscular visitors...

NAME: Miles Filippelli (male)
HOMELAND: Asheville NC
HOBBIES: Soccer, artsy stuff (painting, metal work), acting odd... mostly in a desparate attempt to scare other people, hating my HS.
MUSICAL TASTE: ev.erything from Marilyn Manson to Bob Dylan to Trisha Yearwood, I own a rather ecclectic collection of CD's including tons of Dylan, some zappa, lots of techo stuff, punk, old stuff like CCR the Doors, I like phish. INTERSTING really.....