Opera is the only decent browser for the BeOS, since a kernel shortcoming causes BeZilla to crash, and NetPositive has no javascript. However, a lack of plugins for any BeOS browser means if you want to go to any of them thar flashy multimedia sites you'd better use another OS.

Update: (December 6, 2000) Opera 5 for Windows just came out for free (as in beer) if you don't mind an ad in the top bar. It's really not that bad, easy to ignore, and if you fullscreen it the ad vanishes. This version supports Java through Sun's Java plugin. It's only 9 megs with Java, 2 megs without it. In this tiny download is a browser, a POP mail client, and an ICQ client. It uses Netscape plugins so you can use it with any multimedia site. It starts much faster than Netscape (particularly faster than Netscape 6, which was what I was using before) or IE. Sites seem to load faster too. In all, I much prefer this to any other browser I've tried.