Perhaps one of the greatest children's television shows of all time, back in the day when Nick, Jr. had an all-star lineup. You probably don't remember the name of the show, but you remember something vaguely about two koala bears and a girl. Everybody does, but no one knows the name.

Well, it's called the Noozles. (*waits for reader to jump out of their seat and exclaim, 'EUREKA! THAT'S WHAT THE NAME WAS!*) (Done yet? Good.)

The series starts when Sandy Brown, a young inquisitive girl, living with her grandmother, receives a package that was lost at sea for many years. Sandy's father, Professor Alex Brown, is away most of the time on archaelogical digs. The package is from him, containing a stuffed koala bear. Or so it seems.

The koala bear toy was actually the magical creature Blinky, who had escaped Koala-Walla Land. By 'noozling' it, or rubbing noses with it in an eskimo-like display of affection, Blinky would come alive. Within minutes, Blinky's little sister, Pinky, arrives on the scene. She'd come from Koala-Walla land to bring Blinky back.

Koala-Walla Land, you see, was a tripped-out cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey, Megaman III's Gemini Man Stage, and Australia. Unfortunately, Koala-Walla land was now a Nazi police state of some sort, with Gestapo Kangaroo cops patrolling the world (It wasn't all bad, though, because for some reason everyone in Koala-Walla Land was granted the ability to fly once it became a police state. This is never quite explained but I imagine it has something to do with it being a magical alternate universe where the laws of gravity work in tandem with the amount of martial law involved.) Blinky didn't want to go back. Suffering another blow, Sandy discovers her dad is being held hostage in a Koala-Walla jail.

The series revolves around the adventures of Sandy, Blinky and Pinky. Pinky has a makeup kit that can open up portals to the alternate universe, and Blinky has a watch that can stop time. Throughout the series they are chased by a bungling duo, Frankie and Spike, who are hell-bent on poaching them.

It was created by Fuji Eight Co. Ltd., Saban, and imported over to America for some piss-poor dubbing. Pinky, however, was voiced by Cheryl Chase (who would later go on to voice Angelica from the Rugrats). It aired 65 episodes and ran from November 8, 1988 to April 2, 1993.