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My favorite things are complaining about the state of the country and teenagers today, and contributing to the general decline of reality. Depravity is high on the list, too, although in rather different ways than most people's ideas of deprav.ed behavior. You know.
I like playing with my mind and stuff like that, though not with drugs. I don't have enough money for that sort of thing. I just alter my views of reality once in a while, for the hell of it. And I never know why I bother.&.Maybe someday I'll figure that out and write the Great American Novel about it. Ya never know.
Me, I'm a teenager myself, and a chick, even. Isn't that special? Not particularly. My beloved brother boyo, well, no, he's not really, my brother,. that is, because he is beloved, introduced me to this. Okay. Now what?