This term has actually come to mean something a bit different in modern day Japan.

Ronin is a term for or state of being one who doesn't go to college or work a full time job, which is usually the fate of those who have not managed to pass the rigorous Japanese College Entrance Exams or was unable to find a regular job. In most cases, a person unable to find a full time job will work as a furiitaa or take time off and be a puutarou, so you wouldn't typically call them a ronin.

However, until the next opportunity to take the College Entrance Exams or job hunting season, the ronin will prepare by going to cram schools, or juku. In this case, they would actually be called a roninsei. "sei" being the same as in sensei or gakusei.

So, compare the present day ronin and the past meaning and see the comparisons?