i have very fond memories of yew trees from when i was very young. you see, there are two nice american yew bushes growing at my house. and as good old webby says, yews form berries instead of cones like other evergreens. it was always a wonderous time of year when the berries began to ripen.

that meant it was time for my "artisitic ability" to take flight. for you see, ripe yew berries--and the semi-ripe ones--are deeply colored, at the darkest a near-black shade of purple. and they were *different colors* during the ripening process! i had a pale yellow, various pink and red shades, and finally the purples. during peak season, the bush had all the colors at once.

the chalk was always put away, then. forget chalk! for a few weeks, all sidewalks near my house were adorned with yew juice "paintings". it was a neighborhood event and all the kids came over for art time.

one of my overall fondest childhood memories, and just a heck of a lot of fun, to boot.