i wonder how nessecary TWAJS is, and how much it's an easy way out. the instances i've seen this used, many of them look like the noder just doesn't want to take responsibility for nonfunny or downright pathetic entries. it's like the nodeshell rescue team tag--can be useful/cool/funny whatever, but is overused as an "excuse" for inferior work. if a node is a "joke" it should be a joke worth telling. (yes i know i'm guilty of awful, probably better-untold jokes that are stupid. but its the justifying them that bugs me). if something's a piece of satire it should be crafted well enough it sounds serious but reveals itself to be ludicrous. if you make slurs or jokes against a group or idea or whatever that in most contexts could be some blatant form of discrimination, adding TWAJS does *not* make it suddenly and magically all better. nor is a stupid or juvinile or disgusting or whatever joke made *funnier* by this tag. humor, good humor, should be able to stand alone, with no explination or justification.