Gandalf, when the order of the Istari (or wizards) was first established to defeat Sauron's evil in Middle Earth, was The Grey, second in power to Saruman the white and higher than Radagast the brown or the two Blue Wizards. He was the only one of the Istari to befriend the peoples of middle earth--Radagast devoted his labors to animals, and Sauraman focused his attentions on understanding Sauron with the intent to defeat him. Gandalf, acquiring many names on his journeys--Olorin, Mithrandir, the Grey Pilgrim, Stormcrow--was instrumental in Sauron's defeat. Although he fell in Moria, protecting the Fellowship from a balrog, he was reborn, becoming the white--Saruman as he *should* have been. Gandalf, weary from his labors and earning his rest, crossed over the seas with the last of the elves with the end of the Third Age. Gandalf also possessed, but kept hidden, Narya the great, ring of fire and one of the three Elven rings