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I'm WrexSoul. Wrexsoul was origionally a character by Squaresoft who was a sorta difficult boss in the acclaimed fantasy game, Final Fantasy 6. Not too difficult, as you could always cast X-Zone on him.

I currently maintain a page c.alled Salamando's Stove. I am very fond of Techno music, especially Orbital, Juno Reactor, Industrial Monk, and Art of Noise (such as "The Seduction of Claude deBussy"). I'm also very fond of VGM. My computer's components are named a.fter Norse mythology. I enjoy playing violent video games, but I severely hate being on my 33.6 modem, and all the lag I face. On another note I enjoy RPGs, customizing stuff, working on my homepage, and other such things. I'm also a hug.e math nerd, and I enjoy my TI-86.

If nothing else, go see my homepage at