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Beer. No wait. That's not it. It's... okay, I guess beer was it.
A bit of writing, a bit of drawing, not sleeping, paranoid deluding.
Stop and Shop
Knock 'em back and have another one! Drinkin' and drivin' is so much fun!
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Hamster in the microwave trick
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Working Class Zero is a dairy clerk at a supermarket. At night, he fights crime in the guise of Kilroy, a spy for the Socialist Empire. He believes in working hard for what you want, treating people with respect, and occasionally beating them over the head with your fist until they pass out.

Working Class Zero is not a skinhead.

He attends a club called Hell now and then, where he can be found kicking ass and taking names or smoking cloves. He likes lemonade. Working Class Zero is not an alchoholic; alchoholics go to meetings. Sometimes he's a goth and sometimes he's a rude boy and sometimes he's something else. As a spy for the Empire, Working Class Zero has to keep his enemies guessing.

And now a blatant plug from our sponsors: It's not just for weasels anymore.