Every system has rules, and every system has those who exploit the rules. There's the guy at work who kisses ass to get promotions, the kid who beats up other kids to take their lunch, and the duke who lures all the knights to subsequently crush the neighboring duke.

Capitalism is a system to allow people to get the goods and services they need to live by providing goods and services to other people. It is a system of commerce designed to facilitate a lifestyle. And there are those who abuse this system by amassing credit far in excess of what they could ever need. Perhaps they see it as a game to win, perhaps they like the challenge, but their underlying motivation is irrelevent because what they are comitting is greed. When people do this in capitalism, they are taking away something from people who, for whatever reason, are unable to provide for their own lifestyle. They are subverting the goals of capitalism by excessive consolidation of resources.

A successful system is one that suppresses exploiters, prevents abuses in the name of avarice. But classic Western capitalism doesn't do this: it encourages conspicuous consumption. It rewards it. It allows the invention of entities whose entires existence is the perpetuation of greed: yes, the corporation.

No man embodies pure greed, but corporations do, because that is the only goal they can have. They have no conscience outside of getting as much money as quickly as possible. And the men that constitute a corporation are no longer working for themselves, they are working for demanding, soulless entity. In return, the soulless entity protects them from responsibility for their actions, so that men may be cruel to each other with a clear conscience.

Until around the late nineteenth century, a "corporation" was just an agreement between people to accomplish a particular end. If the signers operated illegally in the name of the corporation, they were responsible for their actions. But then the United States Congress allowed the creation of these abstract things, these corporations in the legal sense, that had all the rights of a man: they could own, and employ, and carry debt, and sue, and be sued. They let the men operating them act with impunity to the law, because if they were caught, only the corporation could be held responsible. And corporations don't go to jail, or get shot: they just get fined.

And moreover, the corporation was vastly more greedy than any of its constituents. It demanded ceaseless work, more than would be necessary just to live, because the only goal that a corporation, a collective, knows is money.

Please read the politics of Noam Chomsky. While you're at it, read his linguistic works too.