As a rule, I don’t often refer to other writeups in anything I write. It’s good E2 practice; should the referenced writeup be removed, for whatever reason, the reference then becomes meaningless. Writeups should be able to stand on their own.

Nonetheless, as a coda to my remarks on nuking writeups in Editor Log, Transitional Man’s Why We Nuke in this month’s logs puts the case far better than I could. Please read it again.

It’s been another slow month here; summer seems to produce in me a lethargy that’s frequently hard to shake. As the colder months approach, you can definitely expect me to be on heightened alert!


  • hard hat by futsie – superseded by new writeup.
  • Kintetsu Buffaloes by woodrackets – a question, not a writeup. Noder directed to the FAQ.
  • If all the Chinese jumped at once, would cataclysm result? by andyanime – off-topic to the node.


  • Karina Lombard by sesi – a writeup in need of formatting, suggested same to noder.

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The lovely and talented C-Dawg asks, "You don't refer to other writeups in your writing? No linking for you? :) Well, yes, but you know what I mean!