Sing"ing (?), a. & n.

from Sing, v.

Singing bird. Zool. (a) Popularly, any bird that sings; a song bird. (b) Specifically, any one of the Oscines. -- Singing book, a book containing music for singing; a book of tunes. -- Singing falconhawk. Zool. See Chanting falcon, under Chanting. -- Singing fish Zool., a California toadfish (Porichthys porosissimus). -- Singing flame Acoustics, a flame, as of hydrogen or coal gas, burning within a tube and so adjusted as to set the air within the tube in vibration, causing sound. The apparatus is called also chemical harmonicon. -- Singing master, a man who teaches vocal music. -- Singing school, a school in which persons are instructed in singing.


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