Crock (kr?k), n. [Cf. W. croeg cover, Scot. crochit covered.]

The loose black particles collected from combustion, as on pots and kettles, or in a chimney; soot; smut; also, coloring matter which rubs off from cloth.


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Crock, v. t. [imp. & p.p. Crocked (kr?kt); p. pr. & vb. n. Crocking.]

To soil by contact, as with soot, or with the coloring matter of badly dyed cloth.


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Crock, v. i.

To give off crock or smut.


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Crock, n.

A low stool.

"I . . . seated her upon a little crock."



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Crock (kr?k), n. [AS. croc, croca, crog, croh; akin to D. kruik, G. krug, Icel. krukka, Dan. krukke, Sw. kruka; but cf. W. crwc bucket, pail, crochan pot, cregen earthen vessel, jar. Cf. Cruet.]

Any piece of crockery, especially of coarse earthenware; an earthen pot or pitcher.

Like foolish flies about an honey crock. Spenser.


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Crock, v. t.

To lay up in a crock; as, to crock butter.



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