Af*fix" (#), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Affixed (#); p. pr. & vb. n. Affixing.] [LL. affixare, L. affixus, p. p. of affigere to fasten to; ad + figere to fasten: cf. OE. affichen, F. afficher, ultimately fr. L. affigere. See Fix.]


To subjoin, annex, or add at the close or end; to append to; to fix to any part of; as, to affix a syllable to a word; to affix a seal to an instrument; to affix one's name to a writing.


To fix or fasten in any way; to attach physically.

Should they [caterpillars] affix them to the leaves of a plant improper for their food. Ray.


To attach, unite, or connect with; as, names affixed to ideas, or ideas affixed to things; to affix a stigma to a person; to affix ridicule or blame to any one.


To fix or fasten figuratively; -- with on or upon; as, eyes affixed upon the ground.



Syn. -- To attach; subjoin; connect; annex; unite.


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Af"fix (#), n.; pl. Affixes (#). [L. affixus, p. p. of affigere: cf. F. affixe.]

That which is affixed; an appendage; esp. one or more letters or syllables added at the end of a word; a suffix; a postfix.


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