"Do Not Meddle In The Furry Politics, for furs are flamy and quick to anger."

This is my advice to new furries. Furries have bad time accepting their public image, and thus furry politics (as seen in alt.fan.furry, and alt.fan.furry.politics) are particularly fiery field to be in.

Furries should just live and let live and just silently disapprove sensationalism... for if they did, just lived onward and cared less about what other people think of them, they'd be a lot happier!

And this goes to people in general: Don't care what the others think of you - just be yourself. And of course, they have forgotten one of the principal rules of life.

Update, 2001-04-19: See mblase's writeup under Gay and lesbian stereotypes in the media. Now that's wisdom.

Worrying about "public image" of furries is pointless for a couple of reasons:

  1. Furrydom is so diverse that it cannot be "represented" as something.
  2. Stories like "hey, these folks are weird, WEIRD I tell you" sells and the Media exaggerates everything.
  3. Bullshit is bullshit is bullshit. =)