An important thing to warn you about is...

If you have 1 result and it's a word list, HA HA, you're out of luck. HOWEVER, if you have 3 results, and 2 are word lists, then it sure does suck for you, because googlewhacking rules judge that as 3 results! Also, when google says that some relevant searches weren't included, IGNORE IT. Googlewhacking does NOT count that.

In other news, one of the hardest words to googlewhack is "jesus". It's possible, as the terms "polyribosome jesus" prove (or did, until I posted them) but extremely difficult. "Sex" is even tougher, but human nature being what it is, we can tie sex to anything. Therefore, the chances of googlewhacking it are slim to none. Good luck, though! Also, the following are words...

Sparkleberry (Sparkleberry Contrivance)
WooHoo (Neutrophil WooHoo AND agglutination woohoo! VALUE!)
asdf (asdf obscuration)
qwerty (unbegotten qwerty)

And so on, and so on, and so on. Good luck googlewhacking! Oh yeah... some people find it kinda lame to find one really rare word and mine it of all its uses. It's usually better to NOT reuse words.

And a few final words of encouragement...