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Greetings, pop pickers!

UK_Charter is an autonoding project, which has so far added nodes about the UK's Number One Singles from 1952 to the present day and softlinked them to the appropriate years, artists, song titles and daylogs. Hopefully in a useful and non-obtrusive way.

I got sent a list of all the UK Number One Singles from 1952 to the present day by pop-music expert earthen. I formatted it, and created a node for each year, called UK Number One Singles of 1966. The utility of this is evident via softlinks to the various artists, song titles and day logs. After reading a node about a song, you can click on the softlink to the other Number Ones in that year for comparison. It might also encourage more noding of pop music topics, past and present.

Comments and corrections please!

What next? Well earthen has data on the US billboard chart that I could node. Do you have good data sources that I can add? Albums, Movies, Bestselling books? Get in touch.

UK_Charter is controlled by spiregrain, and uses data supplied by earthen.