This node was inspired by a recent thread I saw in a newsgroup.

One user was ranting against 'the Christian God' for being 'the most evil person in the whole universe'. And I thought 'this is silly'.

Why believe in an omnipotent being you then profess to hate? A being worthy of worship would not thus have earned your wrath. The acts of God against man are detailed in the Bible, a volume whose status varies from person to person. Why should one who professes to despise God believe in his holy book?

So many people go about with an unnecessary chip on their shoulders about Christianity (or Islam, for the same reasons) when they could simply disregard it and get on with their lives. Why antagonise poor people who don't believe the truth you do?

This view is, of course, a yet more bizarre variant of I don't have a problem with Biblical Literalism, it's Christians I can't stand.

Disclaimer: I'm a Christian, but not a fundamentalist. Hence my deep bafflement.