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Drive a dream into reality, and try not to die in the crash.
Writing, problem solving, critical thinking, art critique, dinosaur hunter, undead killer, sushi eater, heresiarch, and master of all that is absent and only kinda paying attention.
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Whatever suits the moment.
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Ah, hiya. My name's Thhartokk. It's a word I made up, I have no set meaning for it yet. I needed a Viking-sounding name for a game one time, and settled on this. The rest, as they say, is history.

I am the only Thhartokk there is. There are no other Thhartokks, nor is there a Thhartokkina or Thhartokket. In other words? I'm me, and I'm single. So, yeah.

I'm a student, a writer, and an artist. I like to read and write, and enjoy exercising, meditating, and doing work with my body or wits. I love reading proverbs and will often quote one before embarking on any major work... it makes a lot of people think I'm very spiritual, almost monk-like at times. It's... kinda right.

Anyways, here I am. Enter freely and of your own accord, make yourself at home, and get ready for a (hopefully) wild ride.