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To get into college without going insane first.
Small shetland ponies, Standardbreds, POAs, Appaloosas, orchestra competitions.
I don't do cute. No Pain, No Gain. She doesn't wobble, she canters.
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Have you got all day? Ask me About my horse!

Helen has a face that could launch 1,000 ships.

Hi, Hello, Greetings, bonjour, hola, salve (it's Latin). I ride a Standardbred named Sunny Helen, hence the name "The Sunny Goddess." Helen is practically my life, and as sad as that is, it's very rewarding. She's the most wonderful gorgeous horsie in the world and she rocks at cross country. Those 2 hour trail rides are a blast. BUT she has a few weird tendencies...

a)She kicks this one tree near a dryed out creek whenever we go away from the farm. This causes very odd sounds. This could be very bad for the tree.

b)She kicks dressage letters. Always in alphabetical order.

c)She kicks the sides of her stall. We won't go into the details of this unless you want to discuss horse behavior.

d)She kicked this girl once. She did not like that girl. I've never seen her gallop that fast... usually she doesn't even canter. (Unless we're cross country because Helen rocks cross country!)

e) Helen kicks @$$! (Because she's a STANDARDBRED!!!)

(Do you notice a trend? I do.)


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