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Profile taken over December 2, 2011.

Wait for it.

I am the regeneration of TheDeadGuy, who began to increasingly feel like someone I used to be. With many changes in my life's journey I reached a full regeneration in November of 2011, brought about by the discovery of a new muse in an unexpected place and the realization that the past has been prelude to a new journey I must now undertake.




Depending on how you score it, since my death in 1994 I have had three or four incarnations. Coming out of death I was known as Magick, a name given to me by the first of my "sisters," unique female entities who have been powerful forces of inspiration in my life with which I have maintained strictly platonic relationships. Magick was about finding his way in a new life. He experimented and explored and eventually that degraded into a non-stop partying lifestyle where everything came just a bit too easily. In 1997 I followed a dream and landed in Orlando where I experienced what is known in my mythology as The Miracles on Golden Sky Lane. It was there, in a Chili's restaurant that my second post-death incarnation as The Dead Guy began, named as such by Tammy the Acolyte. Following the miracles I had to survive The Second Destruction Cycle (my death being the first) that truly began my evolution into my second incarnation, rising from destruction, this time of a financial nature. The writings on this site posted by my second incarnation, TheDeadGuy tell the tale of his purpose and adventure. In 2005 I began a new phase of my journey, one that would lead me into a greater level of destruction and death on a spiritual level that peaked in 2007 and continued a cyclical destruction through 2009, during which time I existed as a barely functional incarnation known as The Mad Monk. In 2011 I was reborn into a new incarnation, The Doctor, inspired to return to life and embrace the world around me by a woman with an amazingly beautiful soul and reflections of a golden sky in her eyes. This incarnation continues to find his way...



Go where there is no snow
You will know it when you see her
You will have no doubt and the sky will turn to gold
You will go backwards in spite of all warnings not to
And in this measure you will be destroyed
And when you rise you will know her when you see her
The final penance is the final reward
This will be the hardest thing you ever do
She will need more than you can give her
You will give it anyway
Because she will never ask for it
And in the 12th aura you will see the sky turn to gold
You already know what to do