In engineering terms, usually a method of propulsion or motive power. When discussing a vehicle, it's customary to describe it as 'driven' by something. For example, a submarine may be steam turbine driven, electric driven, or diesel driven (among others). It might also be referred to has 'having an electric drive', although in this use, 'drive' is usually short for 'drive system.' Powerboats may be described as 'jet drive' if they rely on a waterjet for propulsion.

Vehicles aren't the only things with drives. Sewing machines, for example, may be electric drive or manual (muscle). Plows may be muscle-driven, as might a cart, say.

One consequence of describing vehicles by their drive type is that science fiction is replete with examples of drives both fictional, factual and some which have started to cross over from one to the other. e.g.: