Fluke is a way cool (IMNSHO) techno act. They are probably best known for the track Atom Bomb, which has shown up on everything from Wipeout XL to the soundtrack for The Saint. I just started exploring their stuff, and I really, really like it. Atom Bomb and one of their other more well-known tracks Absurd are on the 'hard' end of the spectrum that their music rides, but are by no means the only sort of stuff they do.

One of the nice things about Fluke is the vocals which are present in so much of their music, a rarity in techno/electronica today. Their vocal work is not only harder, edgy stuff but can also be quite melodic and a perfect accompaniment to softer tracks. This is especially true of their modified vocals, such as those in Oh Yeah off of Six Wheels on my Wagon.

I was encouraged to explore Fluke by the node for my favorite Underworld track, Rez. Give them a try! Lotsa good grooves here, too, especially on Risotto.