Minor nit: The airplane in which Indiana Jones traveled with a Nazi Spy behind him is, in fact, a China Clipper flying boat, not a DC-3. The airplane he, the useless woman and Short Round get into at the beginning of the second film (Lao Che's airplane) is a DC-3.

The DC-3 is still flying all over the world. Private owners have a yearly fly-in (where, I can't recall) where dozens gather. There is a company currently offering a modernization package for DC-3's which includes all new avionics plus a conversion to new turboprop engines; at several million dollars in price, they're nevertheless still backordered.

Note: toalight tells me that "The company you mention here is Basler. For some reason the trusty old DC-3 becomes the 'BT-67 Basler Turbo' after being upgraded, massaged, refreshed and rejuvenated."

Otis Spunkmeyer's, the cookie company, has a DC-3 painted bright red which flies to airshows and gives out cookies. Yum!

Until recently, there was an airline flying the Nantucket routes in Massachusetts USA which used modernized DC-3s. I think it was the last commercial DC-3 service in the U.S. I never got to fly it, dagnabbit. I have flown on a DC-3 at an airshow, and those things just rule.