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I am one of the co-creators of mercysm. I also created the page I'd ask all those who read this to think of one thing. "how would you prove that you exist?" And try too contradict yourself as much as possible, you'll be amazed at what you come up with. Just remember, try and think of one thing wrong with your last answer.

So what if I have a desire to tear down the current establishment, barring that, ALL establishment, complete decentralization, small self sustained communities, no major industry, all-agricultural based, advanced communication networks where no central government is needed.

In my utopia I see herds of cattle grazing on the abandoned highways of lost cities. Vines that grow free and tall up the sides of broken skyscrapers. A place where all need is provided by and for the individual. Battles are waged within, so as innocents are not drawn in. skirmishes consist of two one-man armies. Heresy is promoted instead of put down. Those who are burned at the stake are the teachers who neglect their jobs, parents who neglect their children and workers who neglect to see the importance of the lowly janitor or labor force that works below them in the intricate web we call the human hierarchy.

Goods are distributed according to need; work is assigned according to ability. Those who neglect their part in the mesh, or their job in the community are denied support from the community. They will be given their chance, their chance to see and understand their role. Once refused they may do as they please. Religious institutions are a matter of choice. A universal idea, Mercysm, will be presented, all those who wish to follow will be granted. For those who refuse, their religious institutions will be given no power over the community.

EVERY community will be intermixed. Segregation of any kind, for any reason will be completely denied. Justice will be upheld, but not at any cost. No man has the right to take a life. If it becomes necessary for the authoritative body, the community, to take action, the offending individual will be assigned a position that will allow them to atone for their sins for the rest of their existence. No judgment will be passed, as everyone will have equal opportunity to atone. If said offender becomes a danger to the community, they will not be expelled, but isolated within the community, where they can observe how a decent life is lead.

Any surplus (there will be no profit) will be distributed according to need. Need will be determined via census. There will be no centralized information sources, groups or organizations. All information will be distributed by the individual for the individual. Citizens will subscribe to certain information rings, and choose what they wish to read/hear about. No opinions will be forced upon them, no ideals. The only mass publications will be when there is information that pertains to the entire community, or for that matter the entire society of humans.

The nationalistic ideal will be abolished, along with the desire to expand empires. Everyone will have their own separate societies within the community, or through their respective information networks, but NO nations will exist. Everyone will be a part; will play an integral role in the society. With no self-righteous government, with no patriotism except that of the pride from being a human that is benefiting the planet, petty squabbles, power struggles, independence revolutions, none of these events can occur. For each individual lives in their own state, each individual is their own nation living within the society.

Militarism in the traditional sense will be dismantled. There will be no "dictatorship of the proletariat". Within the society there will be a hierarchy of positions, as within the communities. As jobs are assigned according to need, they also become assigned according to necessity, and in turn according to ability. The class structure will not be built, as there is no economic system that can support it. As goods are being distributed according to need, and any surplus is being evenly distributed accordingly, there arises the problem of an economic infrastructure. Advances cannot be made if this does not exist. Merchants and trades will no longer exist, and invention will be reduced to a simple R/D complex that every community possesses. This would contradict the idea that the society is for the individual, who has the right to create for himself what he sees is necessary in his life. Thus private business arises. Credit will be distributed to the working force according to quality and efficiency of production. The better quality the product and the more efficiently it was produced, no matter what the job, the higher the wage. Allowing those who do their work well receive an incentive to continue doing good work, and thus allowing the working force to support private business. The private sector of the production industry will provide specialized service that the community owned production industry is unable to provide.