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So. For the record, my first Chatterbox on e2 was rather fitting (especially since I was planning on posting an oh-so-clever node about my 'first time'.)

i think most people would rather have any other kind of sex on earth than vomit sex.. that's the worst thing imaginable..
It's butter and Crisco vomit sex. That doesn't mitigate things at all?
Vomit sex with a porcupine is worse.
I could go get some lard. Or duck fat. Duck fat is great.
Holy shit. I have a new conversation stopper.
"Nah, man. Vomit sex.
Ew. Vomit sex?
"Nah, man. Vomit sex."
You people have such shallow imagination.
So I'm losing my e2 chatterbox virginity with you folk and vomit sex. Joy. /new
You just don't have a sense of humor, Sim.
Sorry abou that, Tenn. It's not usually like this.
Jet-Poop puts Tenn in bed with sterling, a porcupine, and a bucket of cold puke
It's usually much, much worse.