Shouldn't the 'I Like This!' button remain on writeups until a user gets votes? As it is, we are taking an option away when people log in.

Now that we have categories we need some more umph in the category management system. I would like two major changes: 1 a more customizable 'add-to-category' drop-down menu, so that I am not bothered by all the odd categories that guest user can add too; 2 perhaps a 'Category maintainer' usergroup, which is added to all new categories as a default maintainer? (Removable as the creator wishes, of course). Right now all categories are automatically wide open or very restricted. We need a middle ground, an easy way for a person who is interested in ordering the database to get into the mix. Of course, another option would be to encourage all categories that are not inherently personal in nature to be maintained by 'guest user' (a label that needs to be changed, BTW), or to actively encourage all usergroups to get started on maintaining those categories that it would be appropriate for them to maintain.

Again, with categories: it would be great if there was a way to automatically 'order list' when editing categories, most obviously, to order the list alphabetically. It might also be nice to order the list by author, randomly, or by rep, although that would only work for categories built from individual writeups.

Following categories does not make softlinks between the nodes. I would think that it would be nice if it did.

It would be amusing to run some scripts to create some categories -- "E2's best writeups" (with reps of over 100); "E2's best Poetry" (Poetry nodetypes with rep over 50), etc.

I would love a nodelet that lists my "recently used drafts".

Drafts do not really communicate how the 'request review' feature works. Perhaps once a review has been 'completed' (feedback has been sent), the draft should wait 24 hours (to allow for further reviewing if editors are so inclined) and then automatically label itself as public (or private?) rather than review?

Firmlinks need to be more apparent, and this is most particularly true in the case of nodeshells with firmlinks. When the firmlink is the most important content in the node(shell), it needs to be the first thing that grabs your eye. So, bigger and more central, basically.

I would like to have multiple 'Personal Links' nodelettes. And be able to title them as you wish. And have 'vitals' and 'epicenter' be editable in the same way as is 'personal links'. In other words, every nodelet should be editable in basically the the same way a writeup is; I should certainly be able to control every link in every nodelet, and probably control the font size and the whitespace surrounding them too.

I would love it if Writeyps by Type (or ENN) had 'hasvoted class' -- that is, you could easily see what you had voted on.

When adding a writeup to an already filled node, I find it annoying to start a draft and then have to open a new window so that I can look back at the other writeups in the node. Perhaps the draft could remain at the bottom of the actual node, but the window could always return to the draft textbox when updating?

Perhaps a hit counter on nodeshells? Then we could have your nodeshells sortable by hits. It would be very motivating to have a top ten list of 'most searched for nodeshells'.

An option to have blind voting booth show a node at a time rather than just a writeup. Also, an option in the voting booth to show only writeups from people who have been logged in in the last week (might as well give feedback to people who are still around!)

I personally would love an option to have votes converted automatically from my GP stock after I run out of votes for the day: have the epicenter say 'out of votes', but keep the vote buttons on the writeups I visit. Any time I vote E2 gift shop would automatically deduct one GP from my account. (The more I think about this the more I want it.) (And still, months latter, my desire continues to increase!)

Perhaps one level bonus (or just plain feature) could be the ability to put a "preferred bookmark" on your homenode -- essentially a 'window' to the writeup in the style of cream of the cool. Not actually something I'm burning to have myself, but it came to me suddenly in a vision, and I thought I'd pass it on.

A way to see who you've sanctified, and how many times. And when.

Link view currently shows nodeshells in brown, but in large nodes (like noders' poetry and Humorous Writings of E2) it can still be time consuming to pick these out. Since the links in link view are not in alphabetical order anyway, why not order them nodeshells first and then filled nodes? Links are sorted into 'Existing' and 'Non-Existing'. Is this new, or am I missing something? -dj Nodeshells are sprinkled randomly in the 'existing category'. -- Tem42

Also, Suggestions for E2 and E2 bugs should probably be allowed to have softlinks at the bottom. This is exactly the sort of node that we want people to find in as many ways as possible.

Certain accounts, such as Content_Salvage and Terranova should have some sort of connection to their caretakers. Either send out a notification (through the inbox or through the notifications nodelet) to the caretaker whenever a message is received, or have another nodelet/inbox on the caretaker's sidebar. Failing that, bounce back any messages to these 'ghost' users with a "please contact X with any questions or comments" message.

Now that we have categories, it would be nice to be able to type in a list of node titles to create a category, and not have to visit each node separately. This would allow categories to include things that are not noded yet, which is entirely appropriate. It might mean that it would have to be easier to delete members of categories.