Spyfall is a board game designed by Alexandr Ushan and with art by Sergey Dulin and Uildrim. It is a social game for 3-8 players.

Gameplay is simple; a deck is chosen at random, and each player receives a card. Most of the cards tell the player this round's shared secret location -- beach, school, circus, hospital, etc. One card is the spy card. The players then take turns asking each other questions, trying to find out who the spy is. The spy listens to the questions, and tries to guess the shared location.

This is more difficult than it sounds, as the spy needs to ask and answer questions that fit in well enough that the others don't twig that they are the spy, and all the other players need to signal that they are in the know so that they are not falsely accused -- but they need to communicate this without giving away their location to the spy. The game ends when the spy declares that they are ready to make a guess as to the location, a player makes an accusation as to who the spy is, or time runs out.

Ad libbing good questions is often difficult; if you find your group on a submarine, asking a question that indicates this but doesn't give it away is tricky. Questions such as "Seen any interesting fish today?" are too strong a clue, but questions such as "How are you doing?" are going to get you marked as a spy.

This falls into the vague category of party games, as it is a social game with lots of talking and laughing. It does require a somewhat engaged set of players; while someone who isn't really into the game can have fun and not hurt the gameplay in games like The Resistance: Avalon and Ultimate Werewolf, in Spyfall players have to be actively engaged and plotting to keep the game going. It is a fun, fast-paced game (you chose the time limit on the rounds, but 10 minutes works well), and works well with large groups of players.

There are currently two expansions: SpyFall, The Box is Not Enough adds 6 locations; and Spyfall 2 adds new locations and the ability to have up to two spies and 12 players.