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I love matthew! and I am in The QcP! That is all i have to say...i am a quiet person. I have another home node here...BearQcP if ya wanna see the exact same stuff again.. go there!
If not then you can look at the QcP node thingy and see what is. It will tell you all that we want you to know! There are more links there for you to go and read..and make stupid comments about. So go have fun!
If ya wanna see something funny go look at veggie tales, Bob the tomato, and Larry the cucumber.. they are cute!

and If you wanna know how i made my BearQcP into a person node...
I just created my account and When it came up it said "BearQcp was not found is this a person place thing or idea? and i clicked person..
and it made me So there ya have it!
I'm a totally loveable person! I have a huge heart for Christ and all he does and stands for. I'm a big flirt!! so watch out!