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mission drive within everything
To accelerate evolution
Guitar, computing, dreaming, eating, and collecting bookmarks
humanity limited
"Until the stars are ours"
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Resident Earth Creature since December of 1952. I was in my fourth grade class at Nobel Elementary School, fixing to go to lunch when they told us about the murder of President Kennedy. Sat front row at the last Jimi Hendrix concert in Texas.
Had dinner with John Lilly once (a fundriser) and got Timothy Leary's autograph on a Roland SH-101 synthesizer. I understand every single word in his book, "Info-Psychology: A User Manual on the Human Nervous System with Instruction from the Manufacturer". Also met Stevie Ray Vaugh and Dr. Lenora Fulani.
Divorced father of two, grandfather of five plus a stepgrandson from a previos marriage. Arrested for harrassing Al Gore with an empty Dead Kennedy's album cover during the 1998 campaign - I was making a statement about the PMRC crap. Also worked with the peace movement and anti-nuke movement (actually, I'm in favorite of nukes as long as they are at least a .5 AU from this biosphere).
Rabid Liberitarian Socialist. I believe technology will destory capitialism - Napster is the start of the first wave to free information. Self-replicating robots will free all services. Then energy to matter replicator will free all things. Everything will cost less then a penny and money will be obsolete.