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When capable, fiegn incapacity. When incapable, fiegn capacity.
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Life sucks, then you die
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What can I say. I AM a high school student so everyone knows my opinions are just reworded liberal ravings (no really, they are), so you don't actually want to read what I have to say.

Well, seriously (hehe, that's my favorite part), I am a liberal--->, Pro-Choice(!?!?), Pro-Gun Control, Catholic.... Of course, in High School, who wants to be right-wing? Comeon, conservative? How boring is that, which is why I chose to believe in radical conservatism. Doesn't everyone when you come down to it? I love Metallica, A Perfect Circle, and Tool. Bands and my 'politcal opinion' (I made a joke, see?!) are the only true important things anyway, we all know that.