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The TTA, formerly the World Trade Authority, was founded in 1999 as as a subsidiary of the World Council, charged with the task of administering all international trade. Four years later the Commercial Technology Division of the World Community Research Council was absorbed into the WTA structure, including the fabrication yards of the Space Research Centre.

Following the Trade Agreement with Alpha Centauri the name was changed to the Terran Trade Authority and its responsibility was extended to cover interstellar commerce. To meet the growing demand for more extensive spacecraft manufacturing facilities, the TTA undertook the construction of the great Mars Shipyards which were completed in 2046, although ships were coming off the slips as early as 2038.

Primarily an administrative body, the TTA is nevertheless also a major manufacturing concern producing a wide range of specialized products from medical and scientific research equipment to the energy-absorbent Defence Shields of which it is the sole supplier.

-From Spacecraft: 2000-2100 AD

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