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I'm just getting into this everything thing, so heres a start.
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The only purpose for which power can be 
rightfully exercised over any member of 
a civilised community, against his will, 
is to prevent harm to others. 

Well, now that I've got a few nodes out there, perhaps its time to expand on my bio, since its possible that someone may come looking. I'll start with some information relating to my nodes of greater substance, namely, hemp and cigars. Before I start, forgive my inevitable US-centric views. I am an American, and most often am speaking to an American audience, even in a largely borderless medium such as the internet. If you are not American, and are offended by my position, well, you can go blow it out your ass, because you shouldn’t bother to be offended by people you don’t know, who aren’t speaking in your political or geographical context.

Nearly every hemp advocate I've encountered is a marijuana smoker seeking to legitimize the plant. While I have absolutely no problem with one partaking of the herb, and have been known to do so myself on rare occasions, I find their advocacy disingenuous. These people should be spending their (oftentimes scarce) energy attacking the War on Marijuana in the US, not supporting the economically-driven industrial hemp cause. Indeed, they are proceeding bass-ackwards, seeking approval for a product that they use only because of its relation to their beloved drug, and which has no bearing on their true desire, the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

Industrial hemp may or may not be successful. I’m rooting for a wood based fiber industry because I believe that it is better than a hemp based fiber economy because forests, even first-growth pine forests, provide more and better habitats for wildlife than cultivated fields of hemp. They are also more likely to advance to financially and environmentally valuable second, or old growth forest than a hemp field.

I am a cigar smoker. I’ve always found cigarettes to be nasty, filthy things (NB) and could never bring myself to smoke them, however, the social aspects were somewhat interesting. Eventually I discovered that cigars have an even more compelling social aspect, are not revolting as are cigarettes, and are in fact, much more healthy. Indeed, I quickly found that while cigarettes are still nauseatingly bad, I very much enjoy the flavor and aroma of a good cigar, particularly in the relaxed company of friends.

*Note, I have never had the opportunity to try a good, non-American cigarette, and suspect that cigarettes from other places in the world may be more appealing then the crap-in-a-tube marketed here.