It's my 23rd birthday today. A lot changes in a year. This time last year I was feeling down and didn't have much going for me. The future looked a little bleak. But today I can say many things I couldn't say last year:

I have a driver's license. I have a job at a radio station. Someone I'm not related to loves me and I love them. I have things to look forward to. I look good with a beard. I drink only twice a week and only a little at that. I like having sex while sober. I have lots of friends. I like to wear armor and beat people with sticks. I'm not a bad person. I feel I am somebody: me! I like me!

A year has taught me many lessons, but I still have much to learn. A year has given me many things, but I still have more to earn. A year has brought me so much love, but I have so much more to give. A year has brought me hope, joy, pain, loss, love, friends, and more.

I can't wait for next year and the bounty it will bring.