it is rumored that the sire of the vampire clan Nosferatu was once the lover of the first of clan Toreador. Nosferatu was beautiful back in those times; as beautiful as his lover Toreador's heavenly apperance, with one exception... Nosferatu had a tiny blemish on his forehead just below his hairline. it was hardly noticable to anyone but those that caught him ranting about his 'grotesque scar'. Toreador knew this was a touchy subject and skirted it very lightly if at all. She loved him dearly and found the humanity in his quirk to be his most charming feature. one day, as they shared an imortal's most tender embrace, deep in the safety of Toreador's tomb, she brushed her fingers through his hair. Upon unveiling his shame she gently suggested that he might spend some vitae (focus the power of the blood he drinks) to make the blemish fade. Never was Nosferatu so enraged. With the rage, beastial claws formed from his finger tips. He tore and clawed at his face in a mad frenzy to destroy the blemish. Somewhere in this frenzy his humility gave him the strength (or further insanity) to flee from the tomb, away from Toreador, into the daylight. The harsh, unforgiving sunlight permanently burned Nosferatu's angry etchings onto his face. His progeny bear his scars today, hiding their shame for their sire's vanity by making the never ending night of the sewers their dwelling.