Dogma: Loosely speaking, dogma is received truth of a religious nature. That which people believe to be true because they have been told to believe it.

Also, a funny but ultimately futile movie by Kevin Smith, released in 1999. Cheese covered with tasty icing is still cheese.

The movie deals with Christian conceptions of God. With regard to the opinion that the movie tries to portray both sides, being neither "pro-God" nor "anti-God", I must disagree. I would class it as Catholic propaganda in bite-sized chunks.

Aside from the yuks and entertainment value, what is this movie really I mean deep down at the core of it's being trying to say?

Nothing at all? That would be cheap, to use the subject matter in that way. I think not.

Is he trying to say that God, and I mean specifically the God of Christian dogma, loves you and everything will be ok? Not biased, eh?

If the subject is a debate about God, then why is the terrain chosen that of biblical literalism? The author knows where he wants to go, and is choosing a loaded arena accordingly. His task then is to disguise just how cheesy all that God/heaven/Jesus/Angel stuff is if you take it literally. Of course, if the world depicted in the movie bore any relation to real life, a less god-affirming conclusion would most likely have been drawn.