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God is Q

What is God? God is someone/something who either created the Universe, or popped into existence at the dawn of time, right? This is what the average believer would try to tell you. I, however, am a devout Atheist; I don't believe that there was anything in existence at the beginning of universal time, so I don't believe that there is a "God" as such.

But on the other hand, I don't rule out the possibility of supreme beings. Suppose that a planet formed closer to the center of the Universe one or two billion years before the Earth (or earlier), and that life evolved on it. If an intelligent species were to come into being and evolve to a stage equivalent to that of humanity a few billion years before us, and then continue to evolve (with or without medical interference), could that species not, by now, have become god-like? And by god-like, I mean, at the very least, omnipotent (if not omniscient or omnipresent).

Hang about, does this hypothetical species remind you of anything? Perhaps the troublesome "Q" from Star Trek: The Next Generation? It certainly does me.

What I propose is that God, if there is some being floating about causing mischief and mayhem, is in fact Q. Not the John DeLancie Q, obviously, because that would just be asinine, but instead a being or species with origins resembling that of the character he played.