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Yo. I'm Soft Error.

My hot spots include:

Girls who like computers. (They're out there! I know it!)
Blue Eyes.
Anything about anything. (Mmmm. Information.)

I regularly cruise b.y Slashdot (my addiction) for the latest in stuff that matters. And ALL of it matters.

I'll have a website eventually (I sware I will!) and it'll suck at first (in accordance with the inviolate laws of the internet) but hopefully it'll be&.cool eventually.

I write poetry... I think some of it's actually good. Check the website for it... when I get it up ;-)

Movies and concerts consume my weekends and college my week. Bloody math classes. Hehehe I love 'em, though.. Eventually (recurring theme) I'll get to take all the CS and EE classes I want but for a little while... Math is where it's at.

Email me... If you're reading this I'd probably like to hear from you.