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Hey wassup? This seems like a pretty cool site! Well Hi I'm Cayla. I'm 15 y/o and i'm 5'7. I weigh about 130(only cause my height) I have blue eyes and brown hair. I have 2 big half sisters named Courtney and Brittany. Courtney is 23 y/o and married to a man named Kimo and has a little girl named Kalea. Brittany is only 18 but she is very busy!!! Shes a senior this year and very pretty and smart! Then I have an older half brother named Doug. Hes 18 y/o too. No him and Britt are not twins! They have different parents. Doug isnt in any fancy relationship. Hes done with school too. Last there is my bay brother Guy Kellum C. He is 2 y/o going on 3. I have 2 dogs and 3 fish. Thats all!!