I had this friend in high school. Her father molested her and it pretty much ruined her. She functions in society, but she comes across as very self-centered and it tends to force her out of social situations and away from friends. I've been trying to convince her for years to get help, because she'll never be happy until she does.

I called her last night, and she told me her brother took a knife and cut himself from his elbow to his wrist. She's scared out of her mind, and I finally convinced her to see a doctor. I told her she should do it with her little brother, that way it'll be easier for both of them. She finally agreed.

I'm glad she's finally going to face this head-on, but I'm a little mad it took so long to happen. I wish she hadn't waited until her brother mutilated himself. But I suppose at this point I should just be glad she's going to fix it.

The whole time we talked last night, I was hopped up on vicodin because of my wisdom teeth. I still feel a little weird.