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Helping Sir Norris awound the web filter problem.
South Devon College, with its annoying webfilter.
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Update 23 September 2005: I created a node! It's called "how to node from work". It seemed to fit my persona more than Sir Norris's, so I submitted it myself. Go an upvote it. Then get others to upvote it. I particularly expect Auduster to upvote it as payback for the evilness he has bestowed apon me via the webfilter (grrrr). And when he becomes level 4 he should C! it. Actually, when Sir Norris becomes level 4 he's going to C! it, because he's me and he's greedy and I'll take all the praise I can.

I'm Sir Norris when I'm at work. I was created to solve the horrible problem when Sir Norris can't log in at work because someone's sent him a /msg with swearing in it and his work's webfilter won't let him log in to turn off the chatterbox nodelet.

I learned a new skill! When Sir Norris' account is buggered by offensive /msgs, I send him ten completely unoffensive ones myself allowing him to log in and /chatteroff. Aren't I usefull? This doesn't work, of course, if some of you are currently cursing in the chatbox. What a loud sweary load of brutes you are.

I learned another new skill! I can -fucking-well swear now; providing I surround my -fucking- profanities with hyphens. What a load of -fucking-shit-!

Sir Norris at work doesn't create nodes and is unlikely to often check his /msgs or participate in any way other than reading (non-offensive) nodes. If you want to contact Sir Norris at Work, /msg Sir Norris and wait for him to get home :)

Sir Norris at work dislikes profanity. Sir Norris himself, however, swears as often as is humanly possible.