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Request for mix discs!

Here's the deal: I crave music!!! I'm a sucker for mix discs, and I suck at making them. So - I thought I'd ask here - if anyone wants to brighten my day, make my eyes shine with hyperemotional tears, wants to light up my face with an angelic smile, or, simply make me bounce around like the crazy bunny that I am - make me/send me a mix disc!

I offer in return: chocolate, hugs, positive vibes, a place to stay in SwitzerlandLONDON, if you're ever here, I'll go travelling and maybe even skiing with you, post cards, stickers, letters, conversation in German, proofreading services, math tutoring, you think of something and I'll let you know if I can deliver ;)

Drop me a msg if you're interested and I'll send you my mailing addy :)

The following noders have won a permanent place in my heart thanks to their fantastic mixdiscs.

69lovesongs - avalyn - bewilderbeast - brooksmarlin - call - Chase - corvus - dann - diotina - Erax - Mirko - pint - SharQ - strawberryfrog - The Custodian - themanwho - Vorbis

siobhan AT kahani DOT org
AIM: siobhanE2

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