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Fate will not leave you, Hate, will not heal you.
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The name's Caitlin. I go by Cait, Puppet, Nymphadora, and Celine. I also go by Babydoll, but only one person can call me that, If you're not him then....Don't.
I have a wonderful boyfriend named Mikey, and he's worth more to me than oxygen.
I like to dance when no one is watching, and sing like no one is listening.

Never bother lying to me to avoid hurting me, I can see right through you, and I can handle the truth.
I'm so sick and tired of liars, Especially when I always try my hardest to be honest.

I'm socially inept, amongst other things, so I'll probably seem weird, or "off" to you.
But if you can't accept difference, then you're not worth my time.
Mature people, plzkthx.

I say what I think and if you have a problem with it, then don't talk to me.
But don't judge me before you really know me.
And I mean that,
I'm not some dumb bitch who says that, then acts exactly the way you thought I would.
(I've met a few)

I don't talk crap about people,
Anything I do say about you is the complete truth,
So don't get mad because I choose not to lie.

I don't fit under any known label or "clique"
I'm myself, And that's not going to change.

Passions= Singing, photography, poetry/song writing, art

Life = music. (not in that stupid emo kid way)

Is = A somewhat nice person, a vegitarian, misanthropic, cynical, child-like but mature, loving, loyal, shy, jumpy, strange, paranoid, mood swingy (IE: avoid when PMSing)

Isn't = mean for no reason, fake, stupid, religious, supercilious, perfidious

Loves/Likes = Mikey, singing, drawing, photography, AIM, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Lion King (and sequels), Just movies in general (as long as they don't suck), PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Sega Genesis, N64, my iTouch, movies, fire, LED lights, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, the night sky (when it's clear), swings, playgrounds, parks, teddy bears, kittens, New York City, vampires, the Sims, animal crossing, LittleBigPlanet, roses, kitties, angel fish, the way people react to "big words", Rick rolling people, insulting people who take 5 minutes to realize you just insulted them, realizing you're not the only person who will eat ketchup out of the little packets when given the chance.

Hates = Repeating myself 5 times, my complete lack of an equilibrium, slow driving people, whores, liars, cheaters, bible thumpers, disrespectful/rude people, people who spread rumors/gossip, people who can't keep a secret, immature boys, girls whos entire personality consists of "blonde" moments, people who don't listen/pay attention, people who always seem like they're flirting, people who can't take a hint, fakeness, fat chicks who wear shirts that are 5 times too small.