The US version of this album is different to the UK version in two ways:

  • Cover - The UK version of the album has a picture of some girl's bottom with her hand on it, in a profile. The american label (RCA) thought that this is too naughty, and that's why their cover shows some yellow-blue fractal pattern.
  • Track 9 - In the american version there's a song called 'When It Strated' instead of the UK version's 'New York City Cops'. This is because the album was released shortly after the September 11th World Trade Center events in which many New York City cops died. The song itself claims that 'New york city cops, they ain't so smart', and the American label found this too harsh in the context of the terror attcks.

The album was released on August 27th 2001 in the UK, and on September 25th 2001 in the US.