It’s a term used to describe a situation involving a special form of intimacy between two people. One of them lies, more or less, behind the other, wrapping arms around the front of the other. It’s important that both parties have their legs bent in a similar fashion so that everything fits right and it doesn't matter whether the guy or the girl is on the outside or even if there is a guy or a girl. Fun for all preferences!

It comes from the way spoons sit so nicely after you’ve unloaded the dishes and stacked them in their place. The term could just as easily been called “forking” but that sounds a little dirtier. Knives don’t fit together as well plus “knifing” is already taken.

The best part about spooning is the innocent intimacy that it entails. There’s a special thing going on but it’s not reserved for lovers. The closeness that you feel is great but you don’t have to worry about any early morning walks of shame or awkward dressing in the harsh light of the sun.

It’s the best way to watch a movie but most of the time it’s hard to fall asleep that way. I can always get really comfortable and almost drift off but I know that my neck will be stiff in the morning. The hard part is that, usually she’s already fallen asleep and I have to sneakily pull my now-asleep arm out from under the sleeping head of a sleeping beauty.

I can’t complain though because the spooning alone is worth it.